Adoption Update: Training Part 1


Yesterday was the first portion of our 14 hours of training that is required by DSS in order to adopt! Our class was one of the smallest classes our teacher (Mrs. Jay) had ever taught, with only 6 couples in the class.

We spent the majority of the time discussing the different aspects we need to be able to have to offer to our next child. We made a big list naming as many things that we could think of.
 She was sure to zero in on the commitment aspect of adopting a child, because once that judge hits the desk it is FINAL!
DSS removes children from homes that face some kind of abuse which varies in degree, but no matter what SOME level of abuse or neglect was involved in order for DSS to step in.

This is a hard truth as a parent of the next child God is bringing into our family. I think what I honestly had to look at was that right now, whether our next child is alive or about to be alive there is absolutely NOTHING I can do to protect them. God can and we pray and pray God protects our next baby, but on some level our next child may be physically, medically, emotionally, or sexually abused and/or neglected.

I wanted to cry over and over again throughout our training session, because my heart HURTS for these children that have to face so much at such young ages.

Some of the real life cases that our teacher has actually dealt with as a social worker included: throwing children out of 2nd story buildings, burning them with cigarettes down their arms, play drowning them, touching them inappropriately, among others of neglect, such as mothers giving her children candy and telling them she would be back, to wait for her, and never coming back to the parking meter where she left them.

I KNOW there will be joy. There will be deep deep joy that can only come from God above when we get the little one he has in store for us, but along with whoever they are, they will have faced some kind of hardship or sadness, even if it is something in-utero, like the mom abused drugs while pregnant.

It's easy as an adoptive parent to have a fun fantasy about getting your next child, because there are SO many joys when you have children of your own and you KNOW those joys and can't wait for those joys for your next baby.

Plus, adoption is really a beautiful thing, but the reason it is a beautiful thins is because first there was sadness, brokenness, or damage that occurred and through your family and what God has blessed you to be able to offer, there is redemption!

The truth is that we are all damaged goods in some way or another, but God being rich in mercy and love has given us Jesus, so that we may have redemption through Christ alone.

Please be in prayer for our little one wherever they are that God would protect them and bring them safely to our family.

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