Abe is seriously the best dog ever. I spend half of the time thinking he's a pesty puppy and the other half praising God that Micaiah has a furry play mate, because Abe seriously entertains Micaiah all.the.time! It's like having a babysitting sibling that sometimes is a little too wild and steps on you the wrong way... oh wait... that's normal in sibling rivalry, too, isn't it!?

Abe doesn't cry over spilt milk...even when Cai decides he should wear the rest of it!
Abe doesn't mind when you put a "hat" on him, no matter what kind...
Micaiah found these buckets that plants come in when we were playing outside. He decided they must be hats and kept saying "Hat! Hat!" Then, he put it on his own head and Abe's head! I thought it was hilarious!
Especially this one... I tried not to think how dirty they probably were...mostly because I was laughing so hard.
Seriously, these boys play together all the time like this. I don't know what I would do if we didn't have Abe. I know Micaiah would be so lonely AND clingy!
And I got some work done in my little garden area in the mean time!
The funny thing about having a boy is that he wants to play outside... a lot. I obviously can't leave him to play outside, so I've decided to try to put a little bit of a green thumb to work when he is digging in the dirt himself! Nothing like a boy in the dirt, either! haha!

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