16 Months! - Micaiah -


Really? Our son is 16 months old? He has changed leaps and bounds even just 4 months ago at 1! He's walking steadily and just about RUNNING at that! He's really starting to talk more and even sing! His favorite words right now include "Bubble" and "Trac-duh" and he will at times shock me and say other words I don't think he can actually say yet, like "Keys" or "Bible".

After church today, he pointed to his Bible and said "Bi-bul" "Bi-bul"! It was adorable and the first time he has asked me to read it to him! I pray he continues in his desire to know God through his Word!
  He and Abe are the best of friends. They will play together so sweetly for quite a long while! Abe just lets him crawl all over him. I'm thankful for a puppy dog that does so well with children!
Cai is very proficient with a straw and a cup! It's nice to be able to go anywhere and not have to specifically bring a sippy cup! (At Cracker Barrel - above)
Cai and I love going to the zoo, even in the winter! It's so much different now that he will just run up to an exhibit and will point at the gorillas!
To avoid getting "stuck" inside, we bundle up and try to have a little outside time every day. I got a fleece blanket and our wheelbarrow out and I will pull him around our yard and we will look at things together! He laughs as it goes "bumpity" bump!
He really loves it when Naomi comes for a visit and they can play together!
Naomi runs around saying "Cai" "Cai" and she will get SO excited and wiggle her little arms and jump up and down! They give each other hugs and practice sharing, too!

Our difficulties at this stage would most definitely be the development or deepening of tantrums and actually have to start disciplining and giving little spankings. It has been really hard for me to get to this point of seeing the good of little spankings, but the re-directing has really stopped working and we are starting to realize you have to have immediate consequences for things like throwing food or acting out because you don't get your way. I feel as if the "real" parenting has really, really begun!

It's amazing how those whines at 10 months are the same whines that turn into screams and arching little backs when they realize they can't have exactly what they want exactly when they want it! Thankfully, he is starting to understand the threat of the word "spanking" and will stop and listen to us when we say "Cai...we will give you a spanking if you don't do XYZ". He usually will then obey. I have found communication to be one of the most helpful things at this age. Really talking to him about what is going on and the whys even if he can't completely understand everything, I know he is starting to get it more and more as I explain. 
-Pushing a friend in the wheelbarrow-

He's a sweet boy though and a big helper. He helps me "clean-up" his toys and put his diaper in the trash. We are trying to teach him a little responsibility even at this age and I love seeing him learn and grow. He will sit for almost 45 minutes and pull all of his books off of this shelves looking at his books one by one.

We are truly grateful for this child the Lord has given us and after God really working on our hearts and removing many fears, we are happy to announce we are much closer to moving in the direction towards adoptiong Cai's little brother or sister! Please be praying for us as we start our adoption process in the coming months!

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