Nightmare Update


This was the first time in 3 years that Hart and I got brutally sick at the same time. Micaiah got the yucky stomach bug 3 nights ago. That was the first time I have ever experienced him throwing up that much.

We spent the weekend at Hart's parent's house for he most part, because Hart's sister and our niece had come up for a family reunion on Saturday, which we attended and are praying no one else catches this.

Stomach bugs are bad, but neither Hart nor I, nor anyone else in his family, have EVER experienced any stomach bug as terrible as this one. In fact, in the 3 years that we have been married and the complete 6 that I have known Hart, never in my life have I EVER seen him get sick like this.

As his wife, I wanted to be there for him, but I also got it at the SAME TIME. We put Micaiah to bed after we got home and I had just been praying that God would help us to get him down, before I vomited. We just had to let him CIO, because neither one of us could go back in and attend to Micaiah.

Hart would violently throw up. Then, I would. Back and Forth until we called Hart's mom to help us. She came over and insisted that I go to the hospital for fluids. That meant leaving Hart by himself with no one to care for him and Micaiah sleeping in his crib.

Besides Hart's mom, I felt like there was NO ONE we could ask for help. Who do you call in the middle of the night when you are going through something this terrible? My mom was sick with something else and couldn't come. My dad is working out of town. It was a Sunday night, so most people have jobs. Then, most of our friends have either been sick lately or are facing their own challenges. I felt like we were alone, despite having the Lord on our sides.

Hart's mom left their house and Hart's sister who was getting sick, as well. She spent the night vomiting at their home and Hart's dad took care of her while Jane attended to me at the hospital.

I was so nauseated and got loaded up on Zofran. I couldn't slow down my bowels and the amount that was running through me didn't allow me to pee until I was on my FOURTH BAG of IV fluids. When I finally peed, it was so little that I was still too dehydrated. I spent the night in the ER and by that morning Jane went back to our house, by this point, completely exhausted herself and her stomach beginning to cramp. Oh, Lord, please no! 

This meant that Hart was sick, his sister was sick, I was sick, and Jane was sick. And it didn't stop there.

By morning, Hart's mom went back to our house to find Hart completely wiped out. He needed to be in the hospital, too. Jane went in to wake Micaiah up to take Hart to the hospital and found him covered in vomit and diarrhea.

I think that was MY breaking point. 

To think that my baby had woken up and was sick in the night with NO ONE to care for him. I couldn't bare it. To think that who knew how long he had been lying in his own vomit and poop. I didn't know what to do, but cry out to the Lord.

Jane brought Hart in to the ER and they took him back. I got to hold Micaiah while Jane went back and forth between our rooms checking on us. As a diabetic, being up all night, not having her medications led to her blood sugars bottoming out and her own blood pressure skyrocketing. She needed to go home.

I had tried to find a friend that could help come take care of Cai and my friend Brianne gladly accepted. However, that was before we knew Hart had to be in the hospital, too.

It was easier for Jane to head home, leaving Hart on one side of the ER and me on the other. She took Cai back to her house. Since he had thrown up again I didn't feel comfortable him exposing anyone else.

Hart's dad stayed home from work and took care of the babies, while Hannah and Jane were sick in bed.

Please PRAY: 

-That our ENTIRE family will be well. 
-That my Aunt and Uncle keeping Cai will NOT get sick at all. My Uncle has health issues and it would not be good for him to have this debilitating bug.
-That Hart's dad wouldn't get sick with this or anyone else we have come in contact with.

Thank you if you offered to help us. Thank you Chris Gerlach who gave us a ride home from the hospital. Thank you Brianne for the groceries you brought us. Thank you for your prayers.

Hart is doing worse still than me. Getting 6 bags of fluids helped me have the upper hand in this and I am feeling exhausted, but much better than Hart. So, keep him lifted high.

I can honestly say this feels like the worst thing to happen to our family since we have been a family. But, I have faith that God will get us through.

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