McKeown Family Christmas Party


Last weekend, Hart's extended side of the family got together for a reunion. We had a blast at his cousin Shannon's house and loved that we didn't have to travel this year to get to it! They are right down the road from us and had lots for the kids to do. And by kids...I do mean the big kids...
Yep, that's right, they have a zip line that runs across their back yard to their trampoline. I zipped in my killer black boots. All the cool kids are doing it.
Hart zipped, too.
The baby bounced and loved it.
And slid.
Cool Carly jumping!
The guys played Bball outside of the school...
We ate a delicious meal given by our host of honor, so sparkly pretty.
Played the white elephant gift exchange game. We lucked out with an awesome picture of the Cockabooses & USC Stadium.
Took some family photos. The littlest cousins...
And Biggest cousins...
We definitely had a blast together as a family.
I zip lined one last time, while the baby fought off darth vader.
 Pretty fun, my friends, pretty fun. We are blessed with an awesomely fun family on both sides! Seriously!

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