What's Cookin' at the Traylor's?


From time to time, I like to post some deliciousness for you to enjoy! Pinterest has been my source of inspiration for changing up meals. There's nothing like seeing a photo and pinning it, then trying it, and keeping it in your stash! I like it!

But the first thing I want to introduce you to is our Ball Jar Breakfast! This is Hart's creation he said he saw an idea for somewhere online, but I love it and the past 2 mornings it has been a great, "Here you go, hunny, breakfast as he is going out the door."
 Why the Ball Jar? No, it's not because it looks cool...or classy, especially with that plastic spoon. It's because it is the perfect car cup holder size AND you can pour hot water straight into it without making your cup wilt. Go ahead, use your coffee mug, too... whatev! But, remember, everything is cooler in a ball jar.

Inside this Ball Jar Breakfast is 1/2 cup of Quick Cook Oatmeal, Cinnamon, cut up Apples, and pecans, and a little brown sugar. Pour in your hot water/milk and mix. Let it sit while you gather up your keys, lunch, shoes, work stuff, and grab n go!

Hart also like this, because you can pre-make them and fill with the dry ingredients the night before, then just add water/milk the next morning.

From Pinterest, we have tried a few new recipes, too.
Like Black Bean and Corn Topped Potatoes. Very Easy and delish! I left out the cilantro, but added green/red peppers to this one.
I also fully intend to make this Chicken, Spinach, Pasta Casserole this weekend.
And our own Honey-Baked Salmon. Another favorite is the Cheesy Green Bean Skillet!A one dish meal that has brown rice, mushrooms and green beans. I like one dish meals lots.
So there you go! Enjoy your weekend and make something yummy!

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