No Sweets November: Our Weigh In


It's November 3rd and our family has begun our No Sweets November challenge. I told you I would blog along the way, so I am. It is hard being self-controlled, but I'm hoping that it will bring us closer to Jesus and help us try to be healthier, too.

Day 1: I kind of failed a little. Not a great start. Before even thinking about it, I threw a Starburst into my mouth and remembered right before I swallowed. Oops.
Day 2: We abstained from sweets! It really was hard. I know it seems like it shouldn't, but I am realizing just how much I did eat something sweet. For example, I gave Micaiah a couple little cookies at snack and normally I would have eaten the rest of the bag, but instead I wrapped them up and put them in the cabinet.
Day 3: There were cupcakes at my mom's dance studio. I most assuredly would have scarfed one down before, but I used some self-control not to! It does feel good to have power over what you put in your body. And Hart has felt the same. He told me it is helping him make wiser lunch choices, too. He chose a chicken wrap over a fried chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a at an agent open house and avoided the M&Ms in the trail mix someone brought to his office.

I admit that I have grumbled against our stupid 5 rules already and said comments like... "Gosh, why did I have to blog about this to everyone!" But, I really think being more disciplined is going to help produce more fruits of the Spirit in us.

Now on to our weights. Here's how we stand as of November 1st, 2011.

Vanessa: 5'7", 136.8 lbs.
Hart: 6'3", 232.8 lbs.

For us, this isn't necessarily about losing weight, just exhibiting self-control.

Personally, I don't need to lose weight. Don't be made at me! Honestly, I praise the Lord, because weight has never been a huge struggle for me, and breastfeeding really was what helped me lose all my pregnancy weight and then some. It's just that having a baby changes your body and I have noticed that I am carrying whatever fat I do have all along my stomach area, which is very normal. I'd like to be healthier and not add to that.

For Hart, he sits at a desk most of the day and just wants to be healthier in his choices. He said to me, "I want to try and exercise more, but I'd rather take baby steps and first cut back the sweets, and candy and soft drinks. Then start working on excercising. Maybe, starting in December, I'll be more focused on the working out and once I get an idea how much weight I lost by cutting back and limiting bad foods and drinks, I'll have a better idea of what a realistic weight goal would be."

So, this is a process for our family. Hopefully a good one!
You can still join us and grab a button! Have fun with it!

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