Weekend Retreat!


Hart and I are spending our first full weekend away from Micaiah this coming weekend! I have been praying so much for our time together to be full of sunshine, an enjoyable time together as husband and wife, and that everyone would stay well and healthy and that no harm or evil will come to our time together away OR to Micaiah's time with his grandmothers!

Hart and I are going to the beach to stay at a resort that we got an amazing deal on for two nights! It has a lazy river and pools and is right on the ocean! :) Yay for living in SC and for awesome half-price deals!

Micaiah is staying at our house and both Hart's mom and my mom are tag teaming taking care of him for the weekend! We are SO very blessed to have such amazing grandparents that are willing to babysit for us! Being near your family is a HUGE blessing when it comes to things like this! I'm praying also that Micaiah does well with taking 4 formula feedings on Saturday and 2 on Sunday!

Hart and I are excited about the time together and are excited about recharging our batteries and being able to renew our marriage some, too! We are truly thankful for this blessing from the Lord. :) 

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