Thriftin' and Creatin' Easter Fun!


We have been doing so many projects around the house lately! I've been making more of an effort to get crafty and create things. I went to His House Thrift store to look around after visiting the doctor again and finding out Cai's got another ear infection. Poor child! Please keep praying for him! Anyways, as always, thrift stores are hit or miss, but I got this AMAZING shelf that would normally cost probably about $60 at Pottery Barn, for $2. It's one of those big wide wall shelves. I also got a really nice belt for Hart that has sail boats on it (it's a southern thing), two rolls of brown paper, a roll of wall paper (for covering the books on my bookshelf), which made up a total of another $2 spent.

It made my day!

I've also been sewing more this past week. So far, I've made a satin flower headband, and if you help me feel better about myself and visit (& enter) by Friday to win a fabric headband on my DBS blog, then that would be wonderful! (So far, no one has entered by leaving a comment on my blog and I am feeling quite insecure about this whole thing...) It is hard to feel fun, creative, and crafty when your blog literally looks completely uninspiring! BUT, I can't really help that the entire Photobucket website crashed and ruined all of Hart's design until we get something better, please ignore the annoying "Looks Like This Image Isn't Showing Up" phrases, and help me deal with the issue that my pretty page looks trashy.

I also am putting together Micaiah's 1st Easter basket! Last night I made him a stuffed bunny by hand. I plan on doing a post on what all is inside his basket! But here is the bunny I created!

Pretty cute, right? I gave in and let him hold him this morning... (He's 7 months and most likely won't remember him anyways). Cai went straight for the ears to chomp on! Oh darn, why didn't I make his ears crinkly? Oh well, next time! It was fun creating him. Hart helped me pick out the buttons for his face, and would assist me here and there, too! He's a sweet hubby!

Hart and I know that Easter means so much more than bunnies and things that represent it. Jesus being raised from the dead provided the greatest gift of all! He conquered death, showed His power, and gave those who believe in Him the gift of eternal life! I'm thankful for those gifts, and I think giving Micaiah an Easter basket is a fun way to give him a little part of that, showing that love to our son like how Christ loves us!

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