5 month old Valentine


Micaiah turned 5 months old on February 14th, Valentine's Day! He was the cutest little 5 month old you've ever seen...especially since he can't dress himself and I got to put him in the only outfit that has a heart on it, which appropriately says what he can't say himself yet....
And as you know, I've been taking photos of Micaiah with our Fievel stuffed animal. To see the first four months click here to see how much he has grown! He wasn't so sure what to think of him this time around....

Five months will be remembered as the month of smiles for sure! I will cherish them forever!

Why 5 months is awesome/what he's like at 5 months:

  • His personality is definitely developing! He loves to laugh, play peek-a-boo, and pretty much thinks any funny face is highly entertaining! He loves when I sing songs like, "My God is so BIG!" He's a very laid back content little boy. He's very observant and takes everything in! He likes to listen more than be the center of attention...just like his daddy!
  • He is starting solids! So far banana is a favorite...green beans....not so much.
  • He's mastered rolling over from tummy to back 3 days before he turned 5 months! Way to go, Micaiah!
  • I was surprised by how well he is balancing himself when I plopped him on the floor today...he just sat on the floor with his hands out flat against the floor for about 2 minutes before falling over! Sitting unattended is almost here! yay! (I can't wait for this because I'm tired of having to lay him everywhere. I need him to just "sit" for a second without falling over!)
  • His sleeping habits are still great at night and rocky during the day. He's sleeping 12.5 hrs on average at night with 3 naps. During the day right now we have our morning nap down of about 2 hrs, but the other two are rough and too short, but we are making it, and this mommy is trying not to stress when he only sleeps for 45 minutes at a time in the afternoon....it will come!
  • He's a very loving little boy. He started to lay his head on my shoulder at times and I just melt!
  • Things I have to remember are....dancing pajamas - this is where Hart dangles his pajamas over his head before bed and makes them dance. Cai thinks this is hilarious!

Our life is blessed and very full of love. God is very good to us. Hart and Micaiah took me out on a date to a Chinese restaurant pretty close to our house on Valentine's Day! They were great dates and I had a lot of fun eating yummy Chinese! My 25 year old Valentine surprised me with some jewelry from Handpicked! He's so sweet! And my 5 month old Valentine...well...he's just too cute for words and growing up so fast!

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