Fun with Friends


This has been a fun week! Hart has been home more than usual, because Charlie, his boss/best friend, took his wife on a vacation before they have their baby. Charlie told Hart he could work from home this week since most of the tasks he needed to do were online.

Lately, I've gotten into the routine of being home alone and doing my daily tasks when Cai is napping and it's usually the weekend when Hart is around. I tend to relax more on the weekend and we just lounge around or do a few little household things. Well, it's felt like everyday is Saturday! Looking at this past week, I feel like I haven't done anything, but lounge around! ha!

Since it is so hard to go anywhere during the day, mostly due to the fact that I want Cai to nap at home where he sleeps best, the time we do run errands seems to be after 4 when he is harder to get to sleep. Not really the best time to be running around since there tends to be more traffic, but whatever!

Yesterday, we decided to go to the grocery store and while I was shopping with Micaiah, Hart would run to Long's Pharmacy to refill Cai's Prevacid. Micaiah thinks the grocery store is awesome! There are a million things to look at, people all around... maybe a little too stimulating! His eyes were WIDE! Well, it got to be a little too much for him, so there I was in the cereal aisle with my nursing cover drapped over his head singing our naptime songs; bouncing my baby around to get him to sleep while other people were walking up and down picking out their cereal. He finally did doze off and I realized I couldn't keep the paci in his mouth, push a shopping cart, hum naptime songs, AND think about what items we still needed to buy. Thankfully, that's just the time when Hart strolled up Aisle 7.

Having a baby sure changes things! I've worked really hard to get Micaiah on a consistent schedule and I think it's just now starting to pay off. I'm not crazy about his schedule, but it is amazing how keeping him pretty much eating and sleeping at about the same times everyday really helps to get him sleeping better. He's starting to wake right up when he is supposed to, eat, play, and then get sleepy again. I've been rather nervous to do other things outside of our home because he doesn't sleep well in other environments.

Last night, however, my friend Carla called us and asked us to come over and eat dessert and hang out with a new family from our church. I was so nervous about not putting Micaiah to bed on time, because I knew he wouldn't sleep somewhere else. Well, we went anyway because I can't live life tied down to our house. I decided to take a chill pill and just enjoy the time there and try not to think about the fact that he was awake for nearly 4 hours (two little catnaps in there somewhere including shopping at Publix). He just looked around at all the other kids playing and did get fussy a few times, but overall was rather pleasant. As soon as we put him in the car he was out. He did wake up shortly after we got home so I decided to nurse him again at 9. He was out again by 9:30 and he slept til 5:30am!!! I was so happy to get 7 hours of solid rest! I'm just praying that he will start sleeping 7 to 5:30am really soon! I'm also so thankful to the Lord for blessing us by allowing us to have time to spend with friends, but also have a baby that will sleep. That's a gift!

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