Annibirthmas! (Part 2)


Annibirthmas Week got dramatically more wonderful after the lovely Christmas present that I received of my baby sleeping 12 hours at night! He has continued to do this every night, even with the ear infection and fever that he had last night. I'm incredibly thankful for this blessing. It is allowing me to get more rest and feel more energized during the day. Sleep is so powerful!

Christmas was a wonderful day. We woke up and read the Christmas story of Jesus's birth to Micaiah and then we all opened up our presents. Hart had a scavenger hunt planned for me and I had to find clues all over the house before I got my gift, which was money, and a trip planned for Charlotte, NC to go shopping at the outlet mall. He had everyone in our family give me money for my birthday and Christmas, so that I now have quite a nice little amount to spend on buying clothing. I'm pretty excited about my upcoming shopping trip and romantic getaway with my sweet husband!

I have been wanting to go shopping for some new clothes for awhile now. Things fit differently after having a baby, and I feel like a lot of the items I own were better suited for my pre-pregnant self or are more "college" like. Plus, we have been on a pretty tight budget as of late and I haven't gone SHOPPING in what seems like FOREVER! It was the perfect gift for me!

Christmas afternoon was spent out at my mom's house and we enjoyed a very NON-traditional Christmas meal of steak, baked potatoes, sweet potato fries, boiled shrimp, green bean casserole, and mac n cheese. It was delish!

Micaiah did well and despite not getting all his naps in perfectly, he still slept 12 hours at night again!

The day after Christmas it SNOWED in Columbia! It was lovely to look outside at the blanket of white that covered our lawn. It reminded us of Jesus's blood and how it washes us clean. Our pastor told this funny story about how he accidently set his lawn on fire this past week and it burned a huge area across his acreage. They had to call the fire department and all. He was pretty glad that it snowed and covered up his charred lawn! Too funny!

I wish I could say that we went outside and played and enjoyed Micaiah's first snow, but we only took one quick picture of the house. We got home from church and put Micaiah down for a nap only to get him up, feel how hot he was, take his temp and find out that he had a temp of 102!!! Yikes! We were at the doctor's office an hour later. He had an ear infection. Thankfully, nothing more. And then we were trying to find a pharmacy still open on a Sunday night! God allowed one pharmacist to stay open just for us, which is an entirely providential story, that probably needs retelling later!

Annibirthmas Week was fun! Hope yours was, too! Til next year!

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