Annibirthmas! (Part 1)


This week our house celebrates a wedding anniversary, birthday, and, of course, a much better birthday, to which I am TRULY thankful for! I've now named this week a new name.


Yesterday, Hart had the day off because he has pretty much the best boss in the world, besides Micheal Scott, of course. Charlie needed to do some last minute Christmas shopping and they are pretty much SLOW this week, since everyone on the planet seems to be at the mall and NOT looking at houses. So, Hart made me a wonderful breakfast of fried egg on toast, potatoes, apples and pears, and gatorade to drink. (LOL...we ran out of all other juice beverages and had milk or gatorade in the fridge! I don't particularly love running out of juice, because I'm kind of spoiled when it comes to my morning juice. Growing up, my mom would bring me juice to help me wake up in the morning before school. She's the best! Yes, I did say spoiled. And the fact that my husband often continues contributing to this aspect of spoiling me.... well, enough said.)

We enjoyed the morning with Micaiah together and then my mom and gramie came over to take me shopping. Hart stayed home with Micaiah. We went to the mall. WHAT were we thinking!?! It was CRAZY, but we did have fun, until I grew tired of being so darn hot due to the streams of people flowing in and out of the stores. I was able to take some things back and look for some gifts that I still needed to buy. I really like shopping with my mom. I've realized I dislike shopping by myself. I also realized that I had a lot of trouble making up my mind.

Hart and I were supposed to make dinner at home, but when I came home frustrated and annoyed at the Harbison craziness, we decided it would be better to enjoy letting someone else make us dinner. My mom and grandma stayed at our house and watched Micaiah for us! As we slipped off to enjoy dinner together, Micaiah sat happily on my mom's lap uttering all the consonant sounds he could to keep them both entertained. Hart took me to Longhorn Steakhouse and I enjoyed the Salmon salad and he ate some crab stuffed steak. It was really sweet time spent together. At the end, they brought us ice cream on a plate that said Happy Anniversary written in chocolate and cherry syrup! Yum!

It was a great night! (Hart and I also put Cai back to bed after his middle of the night feeding and went outside to see if we could see the lunar eclipse.... it was completely cloudy. Sad!)

Today, I woke up on my 25th birthday to my son crying WAY too early. No breaks in this mommy job, even on your birthday! For some reason, Micaiah woke up at 5:15am. For some other reason, I told Hart to go get him. That was probably a mistake. I thought in my mind....well, he did drink out of several bottles yesterday, maybe he didn't get enough and is hungry. No. That wasn't it. He didn't nurse. He screamed at me for trying to feed him. Maybe he is constipated. Maybe he doesn't feel well. Hart and I both have been hacking up junk and had sore throats the last two weeks. So we put him back in his room to sleep with the paci. THAT didn't work. He SCREAMED some more. Then, I almost burst out in tears because I was so tired and just wanted to sleep in on my birthday. That's when my loving husband gave me a really sweet gift. Instead of just letting Micaiah scream his head off, he got up and just held him in the rocking chair for over an hour. Micaiah, for some reason, just wouldn't go to sleep again. He didn't want to eat. He didn't sleep. He just was content to be held by his daddy.

Later, after Hart making me another amazing breakfast of cinnamon pancakes, I asked him why he thought Micaiah did that when lately he's been going to bed at the same time almost, even waking up right at the same time in the middle of the night, nursing, and sleeping til our wake up time. Hart replied, "Sometimes you wake up and can't get back to sleep. He's not a robot." Oh, how I wish that he would just do what I WANT every now and then!

You know, despite not getting all the sleep I WANT, he is my little baby boy, and this birthday is such a special birthday, because it is the first one that I get to spend with him! He's 3 months and really getting fun! He's so fun to cuddle and enjoy and I love it when he smiles. He even started pushing himself up & down in his jumpy seat this morning, which only his mommy would think is completely awesome!

It's already been such a great week.... I'm looking forward to the rest of this birthday and the better birthday that already came. The one that brought Jesus into the world to save the sins of the whole world.

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