3 months old!


Micaiah is 3 months old today! I can't believe that 3 months have gone by. I've been so busy figuring out how to be a mom, consumed in getting him to sleep well, playing with him when he's awake, teaching him things about our world, that I can't believe that he's growing up before my very eyes!

Things he is able to do as of right now:
  • Smile in response to when I smile at him! I love when he gets up from a nap and I lay him on his changing table and he just smiles up at me! It's the best thing in the world!
  • He's got some great head control. He holds his head up really well and likes to look around at EVERYTHING. He's quite the observant little one.
  • Mimicking - A fun little game that daddy and he like to play together. Hart will mimick what Micaiah does. He coughs, daddy coughs. He smiles, daddy smiles. He thinks this is pretty funny and seems to really enjoy this little game.
  • He really doesn't like being on his tummy much at all, but when I can keep him happy on his tummy, he will push up on his arms and hold his head up looking around.
  • He's found his hands. He won't grasp much, but he will suck on his hands (even after he's been fed), just to suck on them.
  • Bears weight on his legs. Micaiah will stand up on my legs and bear most of his weight himself. I have to hold him of course, but he likes to push up. I've started putting him in his Johnny Jump up and he is beginning to figure out how to push himself up.
  • Talking - He's saying little sounds like "goo" or "ah" And he particularly likes it when you say these same sounds back at him.

Some things that I've learned that Micaiah doesn't really like:

  • Wearing hats (It's cold out... you HAVE to! Hoodies work better for him.)
  • getting his nose sucked out with the red bulb (who would!?)
  • taking his prevacid (he's learned how to spit it out making it pretty hard to make him take it)
  • going to sleep (This just might be my life long struggle).

While I am delighting in all the things he is doing and I love to see him grow, I'm still having a hard time with him waking up during the night! Will I ever be able to just SLEEP through the night again?!

Above: One month old with Mommy and Daddy (I feel like we all look a little rough!)
Two months old

And Three months old! Look at that stare...his blue eyes make for some terrible red eye in most pictures! I will try to get one smiling soon! They just come so quick it's hard to grab the camera!

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