Shhhh...Baby is sleeping...


Sleep is the number one priority in our house right now and I think it will continue for the next few months. My last blog post, I talked about how well things were going... well, lets just say that after you hit "post" it's like you automatically take 10 steps backward and fall into a hole, and then you have to spend the next week trying to climb out of the dark pit that you fell into! haha

Micaiah was doing better. When he does better, I pretty much have to stay in my house constantly and put all things aside in order for this to actually happen. I think we have come to the point that we think he is constantly overtired because he has reflux and colic. The reflux thing is better, but the colic thing is not so much. I've been looking into what extreme fussiness/colic is and it seems that he fits it to a T.

Last night, for example, he screamed crying 6pm - midnight, whether we held him or had him in his crib, so we let him scream his head off for awhile in his crib to see if that would tire him out. Let's just say it didn't. I think as a parent, you get to the point where you think... if he won't stop crying if we hold him, why hold him? However, after a good nights rest, due to the fact that my mother in law is so sweet to come over and help us out, AND after really talking things over, we have decided that we don't care how he falls asleep, or where he falls asleep, as long as that happens.

So, if that means that I sit in a recliner holding him for two solid hours, like I did this morning while he slept peacefully in my arms, well, then that's what we are going to do. Thankfully, I was able to put him in the vibrating seat after an hour and a half and he is still sleeping. PTL!

I think I can think clearly about this issue now that we've identified it. It seems that after 4 months of age, the fussiness seems to subside and that maybe life will get a little bit better in some ways. Even though it seems like 2 more months of this seems like forever, I know it won't be.

To my friends out there, please know that I haven't dropped off the face of the planet. It's just literally SO hard to do anything or go anywhere with this child. I need you all, so ANY love and support you can send my way.... please, please do! Love yall!

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