We love our baby!


We had our fourth ultrasound today! Gotta love the fact that I have this crazy blood antigen that they have to "monitor." We met Hart's parents for lunch at Firehouse Subs and then went over to the doctor's office for my 30 week visit. The technician that called me back knew Hart's mom from their church youth group, so we had a blast with her. Plus, she gave me a ton more pictures than is typical AND got that super amazing clear 4D shot that you see up there!

The thoughts that went through my mind when I saw that picture up on the screen were as follows:

Oh my gosh, that is a PRETTY baby! God, you know exactly how to make babies and no one can do it any better than you! That is OUR baby... mine and Hart's... I love him. Oh my gosh, I love him. Okay. I am ready to be a mom. I'm sorry, Lord Jesus, for all my selfishness. I'm sorry that I have gotten frustrated with your plan for our lives. We don't deserve that pretty, healthy baby. Thank you for our little boy!!!!!

Really, I just marvel at him. I know the technology is cool, but I just marvel at the fact that God is knitting this baby together in my womb. That no one else can do what God knows how to do best. He is the Creator. He created this baby, formed his inward parts... and it is GOOD! I praise him because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, just like this little baby.

Other statistics are that our little guy's measurements were at 31 weeks all put together. He is in the 70th percentile. He weighed approximately 3 lbs. 11 oz. His middle cerebral artery blood flow looked normal. From that information gathered we can see that he is not currently anemic or affected in any way by the angtigen in my blood. God continues to show us favor and grace with this baby, and he continues to answer our prayers over him!
I just have to say this again. I love him! Thank you, Jesus!

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