Funny Prego Comment


I've been reading "What to Expect While You are Expecting" and they have these little sections where they take most asked questions/comments and answer them. All the comments are from a pregnant person. Usually they are pretty relevant and interesting....however, I read one, and to be honest, I just don't know how the following comment made it in there... except to make me laugh.

Under the heading: Accidental Falls
"I missed the curb today when I was out walking and fell belly first on the pavement. Could the fall have hurt the baby?"

Now, watch ME miss the curb today AND wipe out in front of everyone! lol.

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  1. I actually think that's a relevent question...think about it you are gaining weight and not exactly in a fashion that's helpful to your balance and it would be scary to fall belly first! Sorry that's the nurse in me.


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