When it Rains, they Pour...Coffee, that is!


We arrived in Seattle, Washington around 5:30 pm yesterday! It was quite a long flight and it made me realize that we live in a very LARGE country! Maybe it is just because I am pregnant, and I didn't feel like I packed enough snacks for the trip, or the fact that I had to keep getting up to use the potty/stretch my achy legs! However, we had lots of fun and everyone around us on our flight was friendly! I even held a nine month old baby girl a couple of times for another mommy! And I hate to admit it, but I was that annoying plane passenger that kept wanting to talk to the guy next to me. We all collapsed into bed shortly after arriving to Seattle at Hannah and Mike's apartment. I fell asleep with the lights on! Did you know that the sun doesn't set here until 10:30 or 11 pm and it comes up at 4:30ish? That's so crazy to me! Hart and I awoke around 5:40 am this morning, and after breakfast, the family decided to head into Seattle (H&M live about 25 minutes outside the city). We had a GREAT day! The weather today was rainy (like what I pictured Seattle to be like!), but the sunshine broke loose not long after being in the city, which made for beautiful skies. It was about 60 degrees today.

Once in the city we drove around some, then went to Pike Place, which is the famous market here that sells all sorts of fun things, lots of fresh flowers, and seafood (which they threw around my mother in law's head!), fresh veggies, and you can sample all kinds of things! I tried chocolate pasta, 18 year old heirloom oil w/bread, pepper jam, fresh pear, cinnamon almonds, just to name a few! After walking the market, we decided to walk down the street next to it. Things smelled delicious! We passed places making/selling cheeses, pastries, candies, the original Starbucks, etc! It was pregnant heaven, but made us ready for lunch! So, we all hopped back into the car (we had to stick Hart in the back!), then headed to a great seafood restaurant right on the Puget Sound called Ivar's. We enjoyed a delicious meal there with a great view! We decided the weather cleared enough after lunch to visit the Columbia Center, which is the 2nd largest building on the West Coast. The views here, even with cloudy weather, were spectacular! We couldn't see Mt. Rainier, but we looked down on the Seattle Space Needle, and over the entire city. The cool thing about going to the Columbia Center is that it only costs $5 for a 360 degree view versus the Needle costing $35/person! It's a fantastic money saver! They have comfy chairs to sit on, too! You literally are eye level with planes flying into the airport! We'd had quite a day, so we decided to head back to rest up for travels to Hawaii tomorrow! Check my next blog post for photos that we have taken! Thus far...

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