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The first blog that I want to tell you about is a friend from our church, Danielle. The Cevallos Family is such a picture of Christ loving us! They adopted two little girls from Africa this year and we love them! Every week this summer she is giving away great things on her blog! I won a $25 gift certificate last week in her Monday Madness Giveaways! So, I encourage you to check out her blog and put in your entry because you, too, may be a lucky winner! Click here for her blog!

The other blog that I wanted to tell you about is one that I just learned of this weekend from my friend Carla. It is called Kisses from Katie. This blog is about a 21 year old American woman that moved to Uganda as a missionary that now has adopted 14 girls. Talk about being a single mother! She truly is an inspiration! Click here to read an amazing story about how she recieved daughter number 12, Grace!

Lastly, I just mentioned my friend Carla. Well, their family is currently in the process of adopting a child from Uganda, as well. Hmmm...sensing a pattern with these blogs today! Anyways, I know God is going to do GREAT things through this family because he already does! It is so neat to see how he is using them in such mighty ways! Thought you might like to start reading their blog, too, because it is going to be so neat to see how everything works out for God's glory! Plus, they have the cutest little boy, Charlie. He makes us excited each week as we get ready for our baby boy!

Hope you enjoy!

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