Final May Grocery Budget


God is really good to us! I really didn't know how we would be able to survive on $24, when it was only the 17th, but I am proud to announce that He met every need! I do have to admit that we went over budget by $6. However, this is MUCH MUCH better than the last few months. I do feel like my kitchen is kinda bare at this point, but I feel really encouraged that we can actually do this! As Americans, we are so used to getting what we want when we want it. It's been my struggle that I've been working on with the Lord the last few weeks, but over and over again, God proves that He is intimately involved in our lives by how much he cares for us.

I learned this month that I need to be wiser about my healthy choices in regards to our budget. I kinda went all out after I got done with that organic nutrition class, but what I realized is that I need to remember what is MOST important and work from there. For us, it is meat and dairy. So as we continue onto this next month, I am going to space out our monies more evenly. The other thing that I think is important is becoming a better meal planner. Organization is so important in saving money. It helps with couponing. It helps knowing what you are going to cook, so you are not tempted to just eat out. Thankfully, we really only have one-ish more weeks before we leave for Hawaii, and we will be vacationing for the next 10 days, so I won't have to really meal plan for anything for awhile! I am so looking forward to a blessed time with family!

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