Dresser for the Baby's room!


We've been trying to think about how to save money getting baby furniture items. We've been praying for FREE things... and we do have a stoller/car seat (not one that I love, but free is a blessing and I keep telling myself that I do not need to LOVE everything!), a pile of newborn boys clothes (SO ADORABLE... I went crazy over looking at them!) and a few other small items for baby.

So far we have bought a crib from Target on clearance for $63 (Thanks again, Sandy D.!), and the dresser below for $50 from Craiglist.com. I figured that instead of buying a changing table that we will only use for short periods of time, get a dresser to put a changing pad on top of and use it forever! Lots of my friends do it this way and I think it is great! Two weekends ago, I left for a women's retreat that our church was doing. And Hart got the task to redo this wooden dresser....

As you can see the top is not in good shape, but it had good bones and was sturdy!

Here's what I came home to find.....

Doesn't it look GREAT!? My sweet husband did such a great job! The most expensive part of the makeover was the hardware, so we did end up putting another $50 into it, but I really like the end product a lot and know that this is something that the baby will have for a much longer period of time!

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  1. This looks awesome! I think we will do this kind of thing when we (eventually) have kids! when glen and i moved into our house we bought a table and chairs from his house and refinished them to be white. it saved a lot of $ and looks great!


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