14th week


I am happy to report that all is going well with my pregnancy. Praise God! I have noticed the morning sickness easing off and I haven't vomited in about a week! I'm in my 14th week and I cannot help, but feel like my life is changing seasons as spring chases the cold weather away. I still get startled when I walk by the baby's room and see a crib standing there. But, I am enjoying this now more than before and I am hoping that increases.

We haven't done too much lately, yet, I have felt so busy! I went to Bible study on Tuesday night and Hart had music practice at church on Wednesday, so tonight we are enjoying just being home!

The only eventful thing for me today was that I received a returned phone call from my colorectal surgeon, Dr. Ludwig, from Duke University, except that he now practices in Wisconsin. I was surprised that he called me back directly, but he was so nice and we had a great conversation. My main question involved what his professional opinion would be about delivery. C-section vs. Vaginal birth. I was really shocked when my OB-gyn said that I could have a normal delivery and I was happy, but still didn't feel settled about it inside. That continued, but subsided, and then reoccured at my Bible study when a friend of mine was explaining how much having a baby affects your bowels. Hart's cousin also explained to me some things that brought up the urge to call my surgeon to check on everything.

Basically, Dr. Ludwig suggested that I have a C-section. The opposite advice from my OB-gyn. (Not looking forward to THAT conversation!) He explained that all the pressure on the pelvic floor might not cause problems right away, but it could later in life, as the pouch that he created inside of me could become weakened from all the pressure. He also said that it is common for women to tear giving birth and if it were to tear into the rectal wall, then that would obviously not be good. Overall, he said that while everyone seems to have differing opinions, he said that a C-section would be best for me.

I felt so much better having heard from him! While I am not looking forward to another surgery and a longer recovery, I really feel better about the whole thing. I spent one whole year of my life in and out of doctor's offices and hospitals, having had 3 surgeries and I really don't want that to happen again anytime soon, especially with a little one on the way!

I'm going to continue to pray about all of this, but overall, I feel like he knows me really well and he is also one of the best colorectal surgeons in America! Now, I hope my OB will be okay with his opinion!

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