November Groceries and Couponing


Slowly, but surely, I have been improving at couponing. Over the past two weeks, I learned that when Jenny Martin says that toothpaste is always free, she meant it, and really, now I ask myself, "Why would you ever buy toothpaste?" I also realized that I really like Rite Aid Single Check Rebates and the scenarios on Last week I bought items that would normally cost around $35 for $5. That included two 12 pks of toilet paper, two energy efficient light bulbs, cough medicine (that I didn't think we would need, but then needed like two days later), and a couple other things, as well as, free toothpaste. It was definitely a highlight that I could not ever give up again, depite the suffering hours of effort it might take to actually get to the store!

Today, Hart and I went to two grocery stores, Publix and Bi-Lo. I ended up spending $56.07 at Publix, but I saved $39.40. And then we went to Bi-Lo, where I spent a total of $28.15, but saved $31.41 and I am getting a $10 gift card once I mail in a Kellogg's rebate for the 10 boxes of cereal that we purchased! As we put up the boxes, I told Hart that he could never complain that I didn't keep a variety of cereal on hand for him to choose from (not like he does complain about that, but you know).

Couponing is addicting because saving money is addicting. I really wanted to do a couple of Rite Aid scenarios, but we have pretty much reached our grocery/household budget for the month of November. I'm slowly gaining more self-confidence with it, as I have learned some of the tricks of the trade! I am giving God all the glory for helping me to become a wise steward of our home!

Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Traylors!

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