A Fast, a Prayer, a Call to Give


Last night before we went to bed, Hart and I decided that we would do our best to fast throughout the day (Today-Thursday) in response to the new church we have been going to, Columbia Crossroads Downtown. They are currently renovating a building into the soon to be church and are about $100,000 from finishing the project. They held a member meeting last week to decide what they should do (borrow a loan? or what?). What came out of the meeting was highly encouraging to us as visitors. The members wanted to fast and pray and give what they had. They compared it to the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish that Jesus fed the 5,000. Offer all we have to the Lord and let Him multiply it! They have exhausted their own resources and done everything they can do to be debt-free up to this point, but tonight was a night to come together and lift it all up to God. A time to pray, take communion together as a body in the new building, and then fellowship and eat together afterwards. It was a really sweet thing to be apart of!

We walked around the half finished building and prayed for the three main groups that the church wants to minister to: the poor/homeless, college students, and the market-place/business world. Then we prayed individually for what God could have us do, as far as giving. Taking communion together was really a sweet time and Pastor Brad Bird reminded everyone that we were to do this often and that it was something that was supposed to strengthen us in Christ and help us as a body. It really did just that.

After everything, we all ate together outside and enjoyed the night air. It was really funny because everyone devoured all the food! People are so friendly at this church and I can see the evidence of Christ in their lives and an excitement about their mission: Every Man, Woman, and Child to hear the gospel in this city! They are real about their lives and do not hide who they are in Christ. I really like them, a lot! I feel so blessed and encouraged tonight! Thank you, Jesus!

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