The Lord Has Begun A New Chapter...


Hey everyone! Well, the last few weeks have been kind of crazy. Vanessa started teaching. Other than some bumps in the road here and there she really is enjoying it! (I had the opportunity to lead the music at their chapel, and while there, you could see that the other teachers and administrative people love having Vanessa!) But there is another reason why life has been crazy.

A New Chapter Written by the Lord...

Many of you already know this, but for those of you haven't heard, the Lord is starting a new chapter in mine and Vanessa's life. On August 13th I officially resigned from my position at Christ Church. Why? Because the Lord presented me with a new career opportunity. And after much prayer, many discussions with much wiser people, and many signs of affirmation from God, Vanessa and I decided I should accept the job offer.

So what's the job!?

My friend Charlie Mather, who has been in real estate for a while now, has been wanting to start his own real estate company. Well for the last year he has been taking classes getting the licenses he would need in order to own a real estate company. And within the last month a lot of those goals and deams have started to become reality. Charlie has asked me to come work for him and serve as a project manager. During these last few years, Charlie has gotten into flipping houses. He's built up some teams of workers that he really likes and trusts. He would really like to do more flipping, and so he has hired me as a project manager. Pretty that means I'll oversee the workers; making sure they're sticking to the schedule, getting them the supplies they need, dealing with the problems that arise, etc.

Anyways, Vanessa and I are very excited! Of course we are also a little bit nervous, but as a friend reminded me, this will be an exciting time for me and Vanessa, because as we both transition out of our comfort zones into new jobs, it's going to serve as opportunities for us to draw closer to God, and one another!

Once the company website and blog is set up, I'll get y'all the links to those things.

Please be lifitng us up in prayer as we begin this new chapter. I officially begin next Tuesday, September 1st.

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  1. I am praying for you, Hart! And I am praising Him that Vanessa is off to such a good start! Love ya'll mucho! Uncle Tim


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