A few products that I really like


It occurred to me yesterday that I like several things/products that I use a lot to get things clean. So here they are in no particular order:

1)My Sonicare toothbrush: Just makes my teeth so much cleaner than a regular brush.
2)Clorox disinfectant wipes: Good for less dirty areas, like counters, to wipe down.
3)Febreze Air Effects (Linen and Sky): Smells like clean laundry! Wonderful.
4)Pledge Multi-surface wipes: At first I hated these, but after realizing they go forever at picking up dust and barely lose their wetness, I was sold!
5)Equate 64 fl. oz Handsoap (Milk & Honey): $3.00 for like this whole thing and just refill your handsoap dispensars.
6) Head & Shoulders Shampoo (Classic Clean): I used to try all the other shampoos, but it really just does the best job, and I don't have dandruff. I just use it and it makes my hair shiny and scalp not so dry.
7)Dove Liquid Body Wash: No soap scum, which makes the shower easier to clean, and there are lots of different flavors. (Hart uses this, too, and we buy the unscented, so he doesn't smell like a rose!) Plus, it is on sale a lot AND almost always there are coupons for it!
8)Comet: Super cheap, sprinkle in the toilet bowl, let sit, scrub with brush, and flush! You got yourself a clean toilet!

Sometimes I buy the offbrands in these products and they work just as well, but sometimes they don't. Just depends! Happy Cleaning!

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