The day before I leave for Florida


Today, I got up right before Hart left to go to work and made him a Turkey sandwich with honey mustard instead of regular French's mustard because I thought maybe he would like it better. I forgot that I had already made Homemade chicken salad that would have been easier to put on bread when you are first waking up. I am NOT a morning person. In fact, I know that this aspect of teaching may be hard to adjust to (waking up at 5am).

Next, was showering. Abe decided to shower with me by first sticking his head in the shower and pulling the curtain out of the tub. I pulled it back in, fixed it, and resumed showering. Next thing I know, Abe is in the tub with me. This is the second time he has decided to get in the tub, but by this point Hart had already left to go to work so I knew he would jump out and shake all over the bathroom. This saddened me because I just cleaned our entire bathroom on Friday. It was funny, too.

As I was leaving the house to go to Heritage, I ran into Crystal, a single hard working mother with her two little boys, Corey and Travis. God has given me the opportunity to meet them once before and I know they take the bus everywhere they go, so I gave them a ride up the street to McDonalds. I'm praying that God will continue opening up ways that I can speak truth into their lives.

I worked at Heritage until around 12:30 and got so much accomplished and so many questions answered. I came home, made Banana Bread, and walked out to the mailbox when my neighbor and her 6 yr old offered to take Abe on a walk. This was great because it meant that Hart and I can rest tonight and spend a little time before I head to Florida with my mom and 89 yr old grandma.

Allie, my Gramie, as I call her, recently lost her husband and wants to take my Grampie's ashes down to a park that they used to go to together near the ocean. I've never helped spread anyone's ashes before, so I have no idea how emotional or weird this could be. However, the mini-vacation with 3 generations of women in my family should not cease to be exciting! I will let you know how it goes!

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