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(Sorry, this was scheduled to post on July 1st, but for some reason the scheduler didn't work)

The other news that I referred to yesterday is that.....Vanessa and I are now parents!!!!
Well sorta.

About 2 weeks ago the Lord blessed us with a puppy. It's a cool story. We both really wanted a puppy. My only 2 requirements were that it had to be a golden retreiver, and it had to be either given to us for free, or sold really cheap.Abe Traylor

But after talking it over and over, we finally decided next summer would be a better time to get one. Our reasoning is that some of the fencing in our back yard needs work. One fence in the back is practically falling down, (and actually for a time those neighbor's dogs were coming into our yard). And another fence has some holes along the bottom. So we decided that we would save our money and next summer solve the fencing problems, and then look for a dog.

Well, the funny thing is, we decided that over a weekend. The following Monday my mom calls me up and said she happened to be looking at something like a Craigslist, but it's for nurses in the state of SC. She hadn't looked at it in a long time, but just happened to go to it on this day, and, you know how it is, sometimes you aren't paying attention, and you click the mouse, and end up clicking on a link you weren't even looking at. Well she did that, and up popped an add from a nurse over at Ft Jackson who was selling a 10 week old puppy for $100, and included with the puppy was a bag of its food, a cage, some toys and a leash. So my mom calls this lady to get the details, and finds out her husband works at Ft Jackson, and they have 3 kids already, 2 of which are special needs, and they are getting ready to adopt another child that is special needs. They had just bought the puppy, but when they found out they could adopt the child, they decided to sell the puppy because they couldn't handle a puppy ontop of everything else.

So my mom calls me and tells me what's up, and I call Vanessa. Vanessa and I are both very interested, but we decided to take some time to pray. So we hung up and after about an hour we called each other again, and both agreed that we should get the puppy. My parents live close to Ft Jackson, so that evening my mom went and got the dog, and went to my parents house and met our new puppy that we decided to name Abe.

Oh yeah, another cool blessing is that a few years back my parents bought Hannah and Mike one of those dog pen things (like 9ft by 5ft) for their dog. But they left it here in Columbia when they moved out west. So we are getting to use that right now. So, we are able to leave him outside now when we need to, and not have to worry he'll get out!

We've had him for about 2 weeks now, and he has been a joy! There are moments where I can't stand him (but that's at 2 in the morning when he's barking and wants to play, or leaves us a surprise on the living room floor when we are about to leave the house), but we're really excited to have him. Below are a couple more pictures of him, and a link to an album with lots of pictures of our Abe!

To see pictures of Abe, you can go here.
Abe likes the Bible!
Abe likes the Bible!

Abe with Uncle Sage
Abe with Uncle Sage

Abe went swimming
Abe went swimming
To see more pictures of Abe, you can go here.

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