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Hey all! It's been awhile since we've posted anything, and I don't want to get into the habit of avoiding the blog. So, here's a recap with the Traylor family:

Yard Stuff:
Well it's spring time...and that means flowers are blooming, leaves are green again, and...yardwork! Ugh. I'm not a big fan of yardwork. But I love afterwards seeing the results of your hard work. Anyways, so our front yard became a jungle because we haven't had a lawnmower. But last weekend we finally went to Home Depot and used some gift cards we had from the wedding, and bought a lawnmower! Overall I like the lawn mower. The main downside is that the bag is small...so when your grass is as tall as you, you're having to stop and unload the bag a lot. You can see what we bought here. We really wanted to go "green", and get an electric mower. I like the idea of no gas (and that's always nice when the gas companies decide to randomly raise gas prices), and there's a lot less maintenance needed. However, the ideal electric mower to get would be a cordless mower. But those are really really really expensive. So, we finally gave in and got a gas guzler! Anyways, yesterday morning I finally blazed a trail through that jungle, and we have a nice looking yard again! Here's a view of our front yard from the front steps.

Today we spent a LONG time out in the yard. My parents were amazing. They gave us a bunch of outdoor iron furniture stuff, a bunch of plants, and also helped us with the digging and planting. For those of you who know my parents, they like the yard, and doing pretty things in it. Anyways, they've been doing some remodeling at their house, and so they had a bunch of banana trees, olianders (spelling?) and a camelia bush they gave to us. So Vanessa and I borrowed my friend Charlie's tahoe and trailor, and went over to my parent's house to get the furniture, dig up those plants, and move them here. We started around 10:30 this morning, and didn't finish until around 5:30 tonight. It also got up to 90 degrees today (don't you love Columbia weather!?). So needless to say, we were pooped at the end of this day. But our yard is starting to look really good! We took some pictures, so you can view those over at our Shutterfly account.

Hart's Bday
Well, my birthday is next Sunday (May 3)! I'll be 24 (I think...I'm really bad about remembering how old I am!!!). We're gonna have some friends over the night before for a party. Grilling some burgers and hot dogs. Maybe playing some Wii. Hopefully eating some German Chocolate Cake (my favorite cake). And definitely playing with my wife's bday gift to me....drum roll.......a disc golf goal! Yes, I already know what I'm getting. It's actually beens sitting out in our utility room for the last 2 months. 2 months ago Charlie and I were looking into disc golf goals...seeing what they cost, or how possible it would be to make them ourselves. Well, Charlie ended up finding some goals on ebay for really cheap. At the time he found them, it was like 2 weeks before his bday. So his wife went and ahead and bought him one for his bday, and Vanessa bought one for me. But, she told me I had to wait until my bday to open it. Well, finally that time has arrived! Here is the goal I'm getting...but praise the Lord for ebay, cause we got it a whole lot cheaper than what this place is selling it for!

Well, my lovely lady wife is about to graduate from USC! She has finally reached the end of the semester, and just has exams remaining. She will be graduating with honors (She's so smart)! In fact, because of her excellent grades, she was inducted into some Spanish Honors Fraternity thing a few weeks ago. It was kinda creepy though, because all the inductees had to walk around in a circle holding these candles. You can see those pictures here. The graduation will be on Saturday May 9 at 9:30 in the morning. Following graduation we are having a bunch of family and friends over to our house to celebrate. We'll let you know when pictures and videos have been posted.

As many of you already know, Kazuki is our friend from Japan who recently became a Christian. If you don't know the details, read about him becoming a Christian, and why he had to return to Japan. His father and friend came to SC to accompany Kazuki back to Japan. We had the opportunity a few nights before they left to get together with all of them for dinner at Charlie and Lauren's. It was a really sweet time. I've only heard from Kazuki once since his return home. I'm hoping to here from him again soon. Here are some pictures of the last time us 3 guys played disc golf together, hanging out at Charlie and Lauren's house, and the farewell dinner.

Well, it's getting late. I'm sure there are other things I could talk about, but I'm tired, so I need to get to bed.

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  1. What mower did you go for? I just bought the cheapo MTD only to find out that (1) it requires assembly and (2) the parts don't fit. So I went back and got the 21" w/bag (already assembled) variety for $50 more. Cut the yard the other day for the first time with it. I bet my yard was more jungle-like than yours.



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