Trip to Surfside Beach


Sorry neither of us have been on here recently. We are getting out of that vacation mode and getting back into that school/work mode. So we haven't really had time to do any blogging.

Vanessa and I got as a wedding gift a free week at a friend's grandparents' beach house at Surfside Beach. So Vanessa and I headed down there this past week because Vanessa was on spring break. We had a great time! We were able to sit out on the beach on Tuesday and Wednesday. While sitting out on the beach we got some reading done; I finished 1776 (I enjoyed this) and Vanessa finished The Last Sin Eater (she said it was ok). We also enjoyed having family worship time on the beach those 2 days. (For a great book on how to conduct your family worship, check out The Family Worship Book by Pastor Terry Johnson at Independent Presbyterian Church. We also use Dr. Joel Beeke's 365 Days With Calvin to assist with our worship time. Check these books out, seriously.) On Tuesday I forgot to put sunscreen on my leg, so my legs got pretty burnt. But it was all good. On Thursday we visited with Vanessa's grandparents who live in Myrtle Beach. We went to their condo, then we went to Broadway at the Beach to walk around, and visit the candyshop her grandmother works at. We had a wonderful time this past week! We ate good food (dinners at Ruby Tuesday and Crabby Mikes, and breakfast overlooking the ocean at Nibils). Vanessa and I thank God for this wonderful opportunity!

You can view our photos below. Be sure to keep your eye out for some post(s) later this week. I've got some links and stuff I'm wanting to share. I don't know if Vanessa has anything planned. Alright, peace like a river....

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