Does Satan Exist?


A few weeks ago ABC's Nightline held a debate over whether Satan exists or not. On the side for the existence of Satan is one of my favorite living pastors, Mark Driscoll (Pastor at Mars Hill Church). The debate lasted around an hour or so, however, ABC condensed it down to about 20 minutes to fit it in the time slot. Sadly, because they condensed it down to only 20 minutes, the debate seemed pretty lame when I watched it. Thankfully, ABC has made available via the internet the "unedited" version. I don't know if this is the debate in it's entirety, but it's roughly an hour long. I've had the opportunity to view this "unedited" version, and after watching the whole thing, I wish they would have had an hour time slot, because the debate was really good. So, below I'm providing some links so you can watch and/or download the videos, and also read some related articles to this debate. Enjoy!

Here are links to the videos:
(Please Note: Due to size the videos had to be divided up. The "edited" version, which is what ABC showed on Nightline, is divided into 2 videos. The "unedited" version, the hour long version, is divided into 10 videos.)
Here are some other links you might enjoy:

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