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Well, this is the 1st official post for mine and Vanessa's blog! I know, I know, there are already a couple posts that have been posted, but blogger doesn't give a "page" option, unlike wordpress. So I had to create posts, and then link to them as if they are pages (sorry if that doesn't make sense...just trust me, this is the 1st official post).

As you can see, this is mine and Vanessa's blog, so hopefully my lovely bride will get on here and do some posting as well. We have some links over on the side that you should check out:

Pages -
  • "Home" will bring you here, to the actual blog where you can see our recent posts
  • "About Us" is for people to get an idea who we are.
  • "Photos" is where we will post links to albums we are placing on our shutterfly account (which can be found at
  • "Hart's Music" is where I'll post things about my music, as well as links so that you can download some of my stuff.
Blogs We Enjoy - These are other blogs we enjoy, and recommend you checking them out as well.

Things We Lke - Is exactly that...things we like, and want to share with you.

Resources We Recommend - Things you should check out.

Just For Fun - Things on the web we find entertaining, and think you might too.


Anyways, Vanessa and I hope to post here about things going on in our lives, things God is teaching us, things we want to share, etc. So subscribe to our blog (either with, or, or some other feed reader)!

Vanessa and I went out tonight (Friday) to celebrate Valentines day. We decided we didn't want to mess with the crowds, especially since V-day falls on a Saturday this year. We got a giftcard to Longhorn's Steakhouse as a wedding gift, so we went there and used that...And it was great! Vanessa is putting some wedding photos in frames, and we're going to watch some 24 on Hulu in a little bit. Then tomorrow we will be cleaning cleaning cleaning! We are having about 10 friends over tomorrow evening to hang out, eat some spaghetti, and watch the movie Fireproof.

Alright, peace like a river.

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